A Bicycle Wheel – pay what you want for a very silly 3-part round

Here is a very silly 3-part round about bicycles. You can pay whatever you want for it – just email me (chris@hutchingsmusic.co.uk) and say how much you’d like to pay for it, and your choir’s name. I’ll send you the score. I can send you an invoice if you need one for tax purposes. You can pay as little as £1, or as much as $100 if you’re feeling generous! Payment by Paypal preferred.

If your choir genuinely has zero budget (no payments for performing, no ticket sales, etc.) I’ll still happily send you a copy, just email me the choir’s name.

Preview the score as a PDF

Hear a MIDI demo

You can see the score as a picture below (click on it for a full-size version):

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  1. Chris, I would love to have my own website and sell my compositions. I’m just starting out as a composer and would like to retire from teaching and spend the rest of my days composing and selling my music. Would you mind telling me about your website, can people upload directly from your site, how do you set up a PayPal account to accept payments, etc. I am a bit “technology literate”, but would like a jumpstart. If you have time, could you email me a few pointers? Many thanks, –Susan Galentine

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