Choirs Against Racism

The music on this page is free to campaign against racism and other forms of hatred – use it for working against prejudice and bigotry wherever you can, e.g. fundraisers for anti-racist causes, helping refugees, making political statements. Please publicise performances or rehearsals with the hashtag #choirsagainstracism, and let me know about them if you can, by email ( or via Twitter @hutchingsmusic.

If you are using this music, please make a donation to a charity for refugees if you can: there is a list of suggested organisations here.


Thank you to everyone who came to the #choirsagainstracism Come and Sing event in London on 10th August! We raised over £350 for Refugee Action.

“My Father” was broadcast as part of BBC Radio 4’s Sunday Worship on 16th June 2019 (Fathers’ Day), sung by the University of Glasgow Chapel Choir under Katy Cooper.

The recording from the world premiere of “Where Are My Unnumbered Days?” is now available! Thank you to the Wicker Park Singers of Chicago and artistic director Mark Tomasino, who selected this piece for their call for scores and performed it on 12th and 13th April. You can hear it below:

Music available – all free to download and use

Click on the title of each piece to be taken to its page, where you can find scores, recordings and practice tracks. These are arranged from easiest to most difficult. “The Wall”, “They”, and “I Was Listening to a Pogrom” may not be suitable for younger singers due to the subject matter.

Welcome Carol – for unison voices and piano (or guitar). Ideal for a children’s choir but will also suit adults. Would fit well in a church service, especially around Christmas. Recently performed (16th Dec 2018) by the choir of Chicago Temple, Illinois – listen to it on YouTube!

Immigrant Jesus for SATB choir (optional piano/organ accompaniment). Music by Kathyrn Rose, words by Gary Alderson.

The Wall – for flexible 2-part choir (could be women/men, SA, TB, ST/AB, etc.) Easy. Dark subject matter.

THEY – for SA and piano. Moderate difficulty. Music by Alison Willis.

No Man Is An Island – for 3-part choir, SSA, SABar or TBarB. Easy to moderate difficulty. Words by John Donne.

New! (August 2018) Where Are My Unnumbered Days? – for SATB choir with some divisi (could be done with 2 people per part, would work better with 4 or more). Moderate difficulty, several rapid key changes. The words are by Mohamed Assaf, a Syrian refugee who now lives in England, written when he was just 12. They are also published in England: Poems from a School (published by Picador, edited by Kate Clanchy, Mohamed’s teacher). Demo MIDI recording now added to the page. Winner of the Murau International Music Festival (Austria) composition competition 2019 and the Wicker Park Singers (Chicago) composition competition 2019.

Of Equality… – available for Treble Voices (5 parts), SSA, or SATB, with piano and optional flute and/or cello. Music by Jessica Rudman, words by Walt Whitman. Jessica has also made two of her works for accompanied solo soprano available.

I Was Listening To A Pogrom – for unison voices, piano, and optional speaking voices. Moderate difficulty. Words by Michael Rosen, former Children’s Poet Laureate.

Three Memories of Kurdistan – for 8-part choir, SSSSAAAA or SSAATTBB (piano reduction available). Challenging. Words by Aine McAllister, based on the memories that Kurdish refugees shared with her as she taught them English. This has just been awarded an honorable mention in Voices21C’s 2018 call for works. “The Beach” from this set was performed by the BBC Singers in September, and the recording of that concert will be broadcast on Radio 3 in 2019.

All music here can be downloaded in PDF format and printed for free: if you’d like to order printed copies, email me above to discuss cost.

Commissioning or suggesting new #choirsagainstracism pieces

If you would like to contribute music or lyrics to this project, please contact me directly: .

You can commission a new vocal or instrumental piece from me in return for a donation – Jen Wang has organised a fundraising campaign where you can commission an instrumental miniature (choice of several composers) by donating $100 to RAICES Texas, who work to reunite refugee and asylum seeker families separated by US custody. I would also be happy to write short commissions for anyone who can give a similar donation to other refugee causes – email me to discuss.


“Migrations” is a short piece for any two instruments, preferably similar or from the same orchestral family, written for Jen Wang’s “Pieces for RAICES” project thanks to a donation from Conrad Lumm, and is available under Creative Commons. It will be performed in Cambridge, Massachusetts on 26th January 2019 in the New Gallery Concert Series.

Download “Migrations” here:
Score in C (this can be used by any pair of instruments with the same transposition, e.g. 2 violins, 2 horns in F or 2 Bb clarinets)
Score for Bb instruments, up 1 tone (e.g. for a Bb clarinet playing the piece as a duet with a flautist, who would use the score in C)

Recent news

“Where Are My Unnumbered Days?” has been selected by Wicker Park Singers of Chicago in their call for scores, and will be premiered in Chicago on 12th and 13th April 2019 – and it will then get its European premiere at the Murau International Music Festival in Austria on 26th and 27th April! I’ll be going to Austria for that.

“The Wall” was performed in Voces Inauditae’s concert on 9th March 2019 in Edinburgh.

“Migrations” was premiered in the New Gallery Concert Series in Seattle on 26th January 2019.

The Beach (from 3 Memories of Kurdistan) was performed by the BBC Singers on 21st September 2018, and the concert was recorded for broadcast on BBC Radio 3 – it was broadcast on Radio 3 on 1st April 2019 (not a joke!) You can hear it at about 1hr16min here..

The Wall was featured in a concert/reading session in Seattle on 21st July 2018, performed by Chorosynthesis, and both The Wall and No Man Is An Island were included in the Composers’ Showcase at the Wessex Festival (Friday 10th August, 10am in Wimborne Methodist Church), and in Wareham Choral Society’s Come and Sing event on Saturday 3rd November in Wareham, Dorset.

Other music and links

James Robertson’s Bridges Not Walls, originally released here, is now published by Lindsay Music – all proceeds go to the Scottish Refugee Council.

Justin Capps’ “Resistance Song” (voice and guitar) is well worth listening to – contact him if you’d like to use the piece.

Causes that you could donate to

If you’d like to make a donation to groups who support refugees or fighting racism and xenophobia, here are some suggestions:

UK and Europe
Refugee Crisis Foundation – promoting the health and wellbeing of vulnerable displaced men, women and children globally
Refugee Survival Trust – preventing refugee destitution in Scotland
Safe Passage – helping unaccompanied children and vulnerable adults to legally seek asylum in the UK
Refugee Action who help refugees settle in the UK
Refugee Council supporting and empowering refugees
Scottish Refugee Council, building a better future with refugees in Scotland
Freedom From Torture – providing therapy and medical evidence to torture survivors living in the UK, protecting and promoting torture survivors’ rights
Woven Gold – a choir of refugees and asylum seekers from around the world, based in London
Sponsor Refugees – giving power to local volunteer groups to resettle a refugee family in their neighbourhood.

North America
RAICES Texas – Refugee and Immigrant Center for Education and Legal Services
The Young Center who assist unaccompanied immigrant children in the US
The ACLU, American Civil Liberties Union, who fight for equal treatment under the law
CAIR, the Council on American-Islamic Relations
Kids In Need of Defense (KIND)
Safe Passage Project – legal help for young immigrants

Save The Children
Human Rights Watch

If you’d like to suggest others, please email me.

(I’m not making any money from this project, but if you feel like buying some other music from me while you’re here, that’d be lovely; see the rest of the site for details.)