I Was Listening To A Pogrom

Many thanks to Michael Rosen for generously allowing me to use his poem “I was listening to a pogrom…” for this piece! Written in response to the suggestion of a registry of foreign workers. A protest song with a fair bit of sarcasm, reminiscent of Tom Lehrer. Creative Commons license as part of #choirsagainstracism.┬áIf you’d like to make a donation to charity for the use of this piece, please click here.

Difficulty level: fairly tricky for the pianist, maybe grade 5-6. Sung part is not very tricky, could easily be learnt by ear, goes from low B to high E, can be sung in a low or high octave. Spoken part requires some knowledge of rhythm but could be learnt by ear.

Download the score in PDF format (6 pages)
MIDI file for rehearsal
Demo recording, done by me – not perfect but you can hear how it should sound.