Three Memories of Kurdistan

The Beach, In Springtime and My Father (SSSSAAAA or SSAATTBB choir) – part of #choirsagainstracism . If you’d like to make a donation to charity for the use of this piece, please click here.

For a more advanced choir. Words by Aine McAllister, from the collective memory of Kurdish women she has worked with in a refugee camp in Grande Synthe, France. You can get all 3 as a single booklet (20 pages) for SSSSAAAA or for SSAATTBB.

Versions with piano reduction are also available: for SSSSAAAA or for SSAATTBB.

Recordings, performances and broadcasts

On Saturday 10th August, there will be a #choirsagainstracism Come and Sing event at St Laurence Catford, London, in aid of Refugee Action! If you’re interested in singing, rehearsal is 2-6pm, more details here: if you’d just like to come to the concert, it’s at 7.30pm, click here for details (if you can RSVP to the Facebook event, that’s great, otherwise just turn up on the day). The pieces we’ll be singing at the Fauré Requiem, Haydn Te Deum in C, 3 Memories of Kurdistan (first time all 3 pieces will be heard together), Where Are My Unnumbered Days? (UK premiere), Rheinberger’s Abendlied and Bruckner’s Locus Iste. Please come along, and invite any singers and audience members who might be interested.

“My Father” was broadcast as part of BBC Radio 4’s Sunday Worship on 16th June 2019 (Fathers’ Day), sung by the University of Glasgow Chapel Choir under Katy Cooper. You can listen to it on iPlayer until mid-July (at about 21 minutes in).

“The Beach” was broadcast on Radio 3 on 1st April 2019 (not a joke!) You can hear it at about 1hr16min here.

“My Father” (get the score below, for SSSSAAAA or SSAATTBB) was broadcast on Radio 3’s “In Tune” on Friday 6th April 2018: “Rather beautiful” – Sean Rafferty, “In Tune”, BBC Radio 3. Thanks to BBC Radio 3 and In Tune for playing it, and to BBC Introducing for giving people the opportunity to upload new tracks. Listen to it on Soundcloud here (recording by KC VITAs).

Individual movements, recordings and audio demos

The Beach, SSSSAAAA version: download the score (Creative Commons 4.0 License) and hear a demo.
The Beach, SSAATTTBB version: download the score (Creative Commons 4.0 License) and hear a demo.

My Father, SSSSAAAA version: download the score (Creative Commons 4.0 License) and hear a recording.
My Father, SSAATTBB version: download the score (Creative Commons 4.0 License) and hear a demo.

In Springtime, SSSSAAAA version: download the score (Creative Commons 4.0 License) and hear a demo.
(If this version in D is too high – it requires one top B for the sopranos – I can supply versions in Db or C on request. The versions in C or Db have somewhat exposed low Es or Fs for the altos, but the soprano part only goes to top A or Bb.)
In Springtime, SSAATTBB version: download the score (Creative Commons 4.0) and hear a recording.

Practice tracks for “My Father”, SSAATTBB version: Soprano | Alto | Tenor | Bass | equal voices

The BBC Singers performed “The Beach” in a concert in September 2018 in London, and it will be broadcast on Radio 3 at a later date! Click here for concert details. Recording available soon.

“In Springtime” has just been recorded by the Reid Consort in Edinburgh, and is available on my CD “To The Mountain” (see front page for details). Hear it below:

Hear “My Father” in a beautiful recording by KC VITAs chamber choir, Kansas (it was selected for their call for scores in 2017):

If you have downloaded and used these pieces, please make a donation to a group fighting racism and xenophobia. Here are some suggestions:

Safe Passage – helping unaccompanied children and vulnerable adults to legally seek asylum in the UK
Refugee Action who help refugees settle in the UK
Refugee Council supporting and empowering refugees
Scottish Refugee Council, building a better future with refugees in Scotland
The Young Center who assist unaccompanied immigrant children in the US
RAICES Texas – Family Reunification and Bond Fund – reuniting refugee and asylum seeker families who have been separated in US custody
The ACLU, American Civil Liberties Union, who fight for equal treatment under the law
CAIR, the Council on American-Islamic Relations
Human Rights Watch
Save The Children