Children or unison voices

  • New! Welcome Carol (unison voices, with piano and/or guitar) – free as part of #choirsagainstracism. A simple, gorgeous carol, showing how Jesus and his family gave welcome to strangers, were welcomed as refugees, and how we should do the same. Creative Commons license.
    The wonderful Inverness NYCoS choir directed by John Thomson have recorded it below:

    Version with piano accompaniment, 2 pages
    Version with tune and guitar chords only, 1 page
    Lyrics alone
  • 3 Churches Communion Setting – can be performed by unison choir and organ (i.e. treble voices only, if desired). Commissioned by 3 churches in Edinburgh. Premiere due October 25th, Greyfriars Kirk, Edinburgh. Single copies £2.50, PDF £40 – a congregation-only version (4 pages) is also available, £1 per copy or free with the PDF of the full version.

  • Child In The Manger – 3′, SA choir and piano, fairly easy. Single copies £1, PDF £25. The recording below is by a girls’ choir at George Watson’s College in Edinburgh, ages 13-17, but would be suitable for younger singers also.

  • Loch Lomond for 2-part SA choir, and both parts could also be sung by changed boys’ voices – first verse with easy harmony; second verse can be sung to the same harmony or to a slightly more challenging version. Easy, 2 minutes. Single copies 50p, PDF £10.
  • New! A Red Red Rose for 2-part SA choir. Easy, 2 minutes. Single copies 50p, PDF £10.
  • It’s Raining and Under The Wide And Starry Sky will be published in NYCoS’ next 3-4-5-Note Songbook – ordering details to follow as soon as they’re available.
  • New! It’s Raining – (3′, unison choir and piano, easy for choir and slightly tricky for piano – fabulous words by Alastair MacIver). Single copies £1, PDF £20.
  • Under The Wide and Starry Sky – (2′, unison choir and piano, very easy – words by Robert Louis Stevenson). Single copies £1, PDF £20.
  • The Water Cycle – 6′, children’s choir (SA with some optional divisi and solos), piano, vibraphone, xylophone and marimba (percussion instruments can easily be changed), and optional rainsticks. Copies £1.50, PDF £25.
  • Carmina Gadelica is now published by NoteNova, and available for SSA choirs – easy enough to be sung by younger choirs. See for a list of my works on NoteNova.
  • Ye Banks and Braes for two-part choir – SA, SB or TB (or ST/AB). Please order this title from Spartan Press – click here to go to their website.
  • Crux Fidelis – unison version with organ – 1′, trebles or unison choir. Copies 50p, PDF £10.
  • I Know That My Redeemer Liveth – unison version with organ – 2′, unison choir with organ. Copies £1, PDF £20.