SATB a cappella – easy

“Easy” here means a piece which can be learnt by ear for non-readers; all of these have been sung by unauditioned choirs. The sacred pieces below would be suitable for any SATB church choir.

Secular choir pieces

  • Mary Morison – 4′, SSATB choir a cappella, fairly easy. Copies £1.50, PDF £25. Hear it below:
  • After Culloden – 5′, SATB choir a cappella, mostly easy. Copies £1.50, PDF £25.
  • Come Away, Death (3′, SATB, fairly easy, words by Shakespeare). Copies £1.50, PDF £25.

Sacred pieces for church choirs

See also Carmina Gadelica, published by NoteNova – “God To Enfold Me”, “Come I This Day” and “The Peace Of God” are all for SABar (or ATB) choir, and would fit well into most church services.

And I have several arrangements for smaller mixed choirs (3-part, SABar and ATB), especially if you have many women and few men, or vice versa. Most of these (with the exception of “Duncan Gray”) would be suitable for an unauditioned choir.