Choir music – non-religious (secular)

This page needs a lot of updating – please search under the voicing that you’re looking for in the meantime

These pieces have non-religious texts, and can be performed in any context.

  • New! I brought your name to the river – commissioned by the Edinburgh Singers with support from Creative Scotland. Download a sample score with piano reduction: listen to the opening here (full recording coming early April). For 6-part choir, SMezATBarB.
  • New! “We Are One Voice” is a very flexible piece for choirs (commissioned by Beaconsfield Choir Festival) – ideal if you have a number of choirs of varying abilities and numbers of parts and want them all to sing one piece together that they can also use individually. It’s available for any type of choir and piano (available for 2-part, SSA, TBarB, SABar, SATB and unison) – click here for scores and a recording.
  • New! The Kindness of Strangers (words by Brian Bilston) for SATB choir (divisi to SSAATBB, handy if you’re short of tenors).
  • New! The Birlinn – available for SATB, SABar or TBarB choirs (with piano)
  • #choirsagainstracism is a project of free music to fight hatred and support refugees and related causes – almost all the pieces there are secular.
  • I’ve put up a new piece for which you can pay as much (or as little) as you want! It’s a 3-part round called “A Bicycle Wheel”, should be suitable for any level of choir.
  • Mary Morison – 4′, SSATB choir a cappella, fairly easy. Copies £1.50, PDF £25.
  • Do Not Stand At My Grave And Weep – SATB (no divisi), 3′, ideal for a memorial event but would also make a lovely concert piece. Single copies £1.50, PDF £25. Listen below:
  • As The Rain Hides The Stars – for SATB choir (some divisi, min. 2 singers per part). Medium difficulty. Single copies £1.50, PDF £25.
  • Come Away, Death (3′, SATB, fairly easy, words by Shakespeare). Copies £1.50, PDF £25.
  • O Mare! SATB or SSATBB, needs at least 4 people to a part but fairly easy. 5′. Latin. Secular. Copies £1.50, PDF £25.
  • After Culloden – 5′, SATB choir a cappella, mostly easy. Copies £1.50, PDF £25.
  • The Water Cycle – 6′, children’s choir (SA with some optional divisi and solos), piano, vibraphone, xylophone and marimba (percussion instruments can easily be changed), and optional rainsticks. Copies £1.50, PDF £25.
  • Under The Wide and Starry Sky – (2′, unison choir and piano, very easy – words by Robert Louis Stevenson). Single copies £1, PDF £20.
  • Sleep (5′, SATB, difficult) Words by William Drummond of Hawthornden (1585-1649). Copies £1.50, PDF £25.
  • The Toads’ Chorus (4′, six-part choir, difficult). English. Secular. Copies £1.50, PDF £25.

For more secular choir pieces, also check out my arrangements on this page – many of the pieces there are for three-part or two-part choir.