“We Are One Voice” – a very flexible choir piece

“We Are One Voice” was commissioned by Beaconsfield Festival of Choirs for their 2018 festival, as a piece that could be sung by all the choirs who were in the festival, both individually, and together at the end of each concert. There is also a more challenging section in the middle, which can be sung by advanced choirs, or omitted if desired (it requires 3 or 4 parts).

The piece is available for the following choirs (all accompanied by piano):

unison (with short optional call-and-response divisi)

2-part flexible: can be S/A, T/B, ST/B, S/AB, etc., no divisi

3-part: mixed SABar choir, upper voices SSA or lower voices TBarB (email me if you would like an STB or ATB version), all no divisi

4-part: SATB choir, no divisi

All of these can be performed simultaneously; email me if you’d like a conductor’s score with multiple parts. Several different choirs can be heard singing the piece together below:

Hear the piano part alone below:

To order a copy, please email me: chris@hutchingsmusic.co.uk . The price is £2+postage per printed copy, or £25 for a PDF to print as many copies as you need.