Small mixed choirs – SABar or ATB

Works for SAB or SABar choirs

Secular pieces

New! “Statue Songs”, a song cycle for SABar choir and piano, about 20 minutes long, written for Dingwall Choral Society. This was premiered in December 2019. Download a sample copy here (first few pages of each movement, plus a couple of my favourite pages). Email me if you’d like to see a full perusal copy. The piece is also available for SAB (with the bass part rewritten so as to stay below D – there are a couple of Dbs and the remainder is at or below middle C) – again, email me for a perusal copy. Hear the final movement below:

We Are One Voice is available for SABar choirs, with an optional middle section for more advanced choirs. Also available for TBarB, SSA, flexible 2-part or other choirs. Purchase from MusicSpoke.

A piece for which you can pay as much (or as little) as you want! It’s a 3-part round called “A Bicycle Wheel”, should be suitable for any level of choir. Free to choirs who work for charities.

In The Bleak Midwinter (a new setting, not an arrangement) – available for SMezABar choir, fairly easy, 4′. Hear Glasgow University Madrigirls (SMezAB version). Single copies £1.50/$2.50, PDF £25/$40.

See the #choirsagainstracism page for a three-part setting of “No Man Is An Island” (available for SABar, SSA or TBarB), and for “I Was Listening…” for piano, unison voices and spoken chorus.

Arrangements for small mixed choir

The three arrangements below are published by Spartan Press as a set – please order direct from their website. Heritage Masterworks Chorale have sung all three as a set in concert, and they’ve been performed by several other choirs.

  • A Red Red Rose for 3-part choir (SABar) – STB or ATB arrangement on request. 3 minutes.
  • Jock O’ Hazeldean for three part choir – SAB or STB. Quite easy, but will also be a rewarding light piece for more experienced choirs. 4 minutes.
  • Afton Water for three part choir, SABar – easy to medium difficulty (the version in the Spartan Press set is a tone lower than the score you see here). 3 minutes. Hear a recording on YouTube.

Carmina Gadelica

These are published by NoteNova, but as of 2021, their website is down for maintenance and has been for some time. Please email me if you would like copies of these pieces.

These three pieces are available individually or as a complete set. All three are available for SABar, SSA, ATB or TBarB choirs.