Copyright and permissions

Putting recordings on the internet

If you have purchased my self-published music for your choir (or if you’re using a piece that has been released under Creative Commons, such as the #choirsagainstracism pieces), no additional permission is required to make a recording for YouTube, SoundCloud, or similar places where the recording is not being sold commercially. Please do send me a link to the recording though, so I can share it!

If you’re using a recording of my music as a backing for something else, such as a political speech or a work of art, please do seek permission first. I will generally not allow my music to be used by any right-wing political body.

Works published through MusicSpoke are also covered by the above guidelines. For music published by NoteNova or Spartan Press, please seek permission from them directly.

Making recordings for commercial use

If you’d like to make a recording that you plan to sell (e.g. on CD or online), I will generally not make an extra charge for this, but please let me know details before you release the recording, so I can give details to the appropriate royalty collecting body. (Ideally, it would be good to know in advance of the recording being made – I’m happy to offer advice on any of my pieces.)

For any other uses of my music, please contact me directly.