Christmas round-up 2022

I know that planning Christmas concerts during a pandemic is a chancy business! But if you’re looking for a seasonal piece for your choir, I’ve probably got something that will suit you.Any works without a recording (marked *) could be available free if you are willing to record them. Suggested price for any pieces that aren’t currently on sale through MusicSpoke or SheetMusicDirect is $2 (or £1.50) per copy for a print license, but if you run a voluntary choir and have a limited (or zero) budget, email me and we can work something out.

If you enjoy watching scrolling scores, here’s a set of 12 scrolling score videos of my best Christmas pieces!

All of those, plus a few more, are in the list below. Click on each title for more information. These are in approximate order of difficulty.

Welcome Carol: unison+piano, easy, ideal for a children’s choir and easy enough for a congregation to learn in a few minutes. Part of #ChoirsAgainstRacism. Free under a Creative Commons license.

Child In The Manger: SA+piano, suitable for all but the youngest upper voice choirs. Available from MusicSpoke.

Hush My Dear: for SATB choir a cappella, this was sung by 18 different choirs at Christmas 2019 before the Covid epidemic hit! A simple, effective Christmas lullaby. Available from MusicSpoke.

In The Bleak Midwinter: my own setting, for SATB choir a cappella, in 3/4 rather than the ploddy 4/4 of the Darke or Holst settings. Also available for SMezABar if you have a lot of upper voices. Available on SheetMusicDirect.

Good King Wenceslas: for SABar choir a cappella. Listen on SoundCloud (the choir on the recording included a piano for support but it can be performed without): available on SheetMusicDirect.

*Come Christmas: for unison choir with accompaniment, words by R.G. Huff. The accompaniment part is in three lines; this can be played on organ or piano, or by any three instruments you have available, preferably from the same family, e.g. violin/viola/cello or flute/clarinet/bassoon. Transposed individual parts available on request. Email for copies.

White Christmas: an SABar or SAT a cappella arrangement of Irving Berlin’s classic. Available from SheetMusicDirect.

*I Want An Octopus For Christmas: voice and piano, with my own words plus some help from friends and family, inspired by my young daughter’s Christmas request, and in the style of classic 50s songs. Currently only available as a lead sheet but piano arrangement hopefully coming soon. Email for copies.

*Silent Night: a 2-part arrangement, with sopranos and altos singing the melody on top while baritones sing a responsive countermelody underneath: available from SheetMusicDirect.

Balulalow: for SATB choir with divisi, and soprano and baritone soloists. Available from MusicSpoke.

A New Year Carol: SATB. Available from MusicSpoke.

Patapan: SSA (brief optional SSAA splits). Available from MusicSpoke.

Be Still, My Blessed Babe: mezzo solo (range A3-A4) and piano. Email for copies.

We Three Kings (arrangement): SATB. Available on SheetMusicDirect.

*Ring Out, Ye Bells: for SATB choir and organ. Email for copies.

*I Sing Of A Maiden: SATB choir a cappella (divisi to SSAATTBB). Email for copies.

Adeste Fideles: SSAATBB choir and organ. A 2016 commission from Wimbledon Choral Society. Available from MusicSpoke.

O Clavis David: for SSAATTBB choir a cappella. Available from MusicSpoke.

*Videntes Stellam: for SMezATBarB choir a cappella. Email for copies.

When The Snow Came: for SSAATTBB choir and speaking chorus (ideally about half the size of the main choir). Winner of Kantos Choir’s 2021 competition. Email for copies.

Rorate Coeli De Super: for double SATB choir and organ. Email for copies.