Upper voice choirs – SA, SSA, SSAA, and even SSSSAAAA (!)




  • 3 Memories of Kurdistan (SSSSAAAA choir)
    For a more advanced women’s choir. Words by Aine McAllister, drawn from the collective memory of women she has worked with in a refugee camp in Grande Synthe, France. Download the score (Creative Commons 4.0 License); you can hear demos at the #choirsagainstracism page, and here’s “My Father”, the last movement, recorded by KC VITAs Chamber Choir, Kansas:
  • Drop, Drop, Slow Tears – for SSA trio or choir. World premiere available – contact me if interested, would be happy to give free scores in exchange for a recording.
  • Thou Knowest, Lord – for SSAA choir, no further divisi (ideally this could be sung by a choir of unbroken voices, girls and/or boy trebles, but would also suit a female voice choir or four good soloists). Quite difficult unaccompanied, but could be performed with organ accompaniment. Available from MusicSpoke.
  • La Belle Dame Sans Merci. 7′, four solo sopranos and harp, professional difficulty. Words by John Keats. Hear a recording. £50 for printed scores and parts, or for PDFs.