Liturgical music

I’ve written for church choirs all my life, and many of my pieces are suitable for liturgical use during church services. Here’s a selection of them. “3 Churches Mass” and “Nunc Dimittis” have been selected for the 2017 London Festival of Contemporary Church Music (LFCCM), the Responses were performed at the 2018 LFCCM, and “Dominus Regnavit” was selected for the final of the Old Hispanic Office Composing Competition and premiered by Christ Church Cathedral Choir, Oxford.

(Music for Advent and Christmas has a separate page – see all Christmas music here.)

Masses, requiems, prayers, responses, canticles, general anthems and introits

  • Send Lazarus – SATB or ATBarB, no divisi, for any climate-related service
  • 3 Churches Communion Setting – for SATB choir and organ, with optional congregational part (or can be sung by unison choir/congregation, omitting the SATB harmonies). Commissioned by 3 churches in Edinburgh. Premiered 2015, Greyfriars Kirk, Edinburgh. Shortlisted for the 2017 London Festival of Contemporary Church Music. Single copies £2.50, PDF £40. A congregation-only part is also available (4 pages), £1 per copy or included with the PDF of the full version.
  • Dominus Regnavit – for SATB choir (some divisi, will need at least 4 singers per part) and organ – a suitable celebratory introit for many occasions. Medium difficulty. Single copies £1.50, PDF £25. This was workshopped by Christ Church Cathedral Choir, Oxford, in March 2016, and is now available on my CD “To The Mountain”.
  • Responses (for use in Anglican churches) for SATB choir (no divisi) – see the score. Single copies £1/$2, PDF £20/$30.
  • Magnificat and Nunc Dimittis (in Latin) for SATB, ATBarB, or TTBB choir.
    See the Magnificat for SATB here (soprano and alto soloists required, fairly tricky) – £30 for a PDF or £2 per copy, email me for the TTBB version – and the Nunc Dimittis for SATB or TTBB here (published by NoteNova) (some divisi for sopranos, moderate difficulty). The Nunc Dimittis (SATB version) was shortlisted for the 2017 London Festival of Contemporary Church Music.
    Magnificat for ATBarB (alto and tenor soloists required, fairly tricky) and Nunc Dimittis for ATBarB (some divisi for altos and tenors, moderate difficulty). The Magnificat and Nunc Dimittis together are £3 per copy or £40 for a PDF.
    Listen to the Nunc Dimittis (ATBarB version):
  • Missa Brevis (from “Requiem”) – includes “Lord, have mercy”, “Sanctus & Hosanna”, “Benedictus & Hosanna” and “O Lamb Of God”. For SATB choir (with divisi up to SSAATTBB) and organ. Some added second chords but not too difficult. PDF £40, single copies £3. Listen to all of it below:
  • The Lord’s Prayer – for SATB soloists and small SATB choir (could be done by two SATB solo quartets). Professional difficulty. Part of a Compline setting commissioned by St Mary’s Schola, Arlington, Virginia. If you’d be interested in doing the full Compline setting, please email me (it’s quite challenging).
  • Requiem – for SATB choir, SATB soli, and organ. Medium difficulty. 45-50 minutes long, would make a good half of a concert. Text entirely in English. Click here for full libretto and score previews. You can hear recordings at my SoundCloud page. Copies £10 (93 pages), PDF £120.


  • NEW! Anna, Surprised – SATB choir with some divisi, easy to moderate difficulty.

Holy Week

“O Praise The Lord, Ye Angels of His” – SSATB choir (with divisi) and organ, 6′, quite difficult organ part and moderately difficult choir parts. Commissioned by the Friends of St Giles’ Cathedral, and premiered September 29th – hear a recording from the premiere. Single copies £2.50, PDF £35.

Anna, Surprised – words by Euan Tait. For SATB choir with brief divisi to SSAATTBB. A piece retelling the presentation in the Temple. If you’re tired of singing “When to the temple Mary went”, this should be ideal!

Song of Solomon. SATB and organ, medium difficulty, 3′. English text, biblical. Very suitable for weddings! Hear a recording. Sample PDF available, please email. Copies £2, PDF £25.

Christening or baptism of a child
New!A Mother’s Blessing – SATB choir, easy, 3′. Lyrics are an ancient Celtic prayer from “Carmina Gadelica”. A beautiful piece for a baptism or christening. Single copies £1, PDF £20.