Janya – the premiere!

Thank you to everyone who was involved in the wonderful premiere of “Janya” last weekend!
The Jan Modelski chamber orchestra and their wonderful conductor, who engaged with the piece at every stage with brilliant enthusiasm and produced a wonderful performance;
BBC Radio 3, who recorded the piece and will broadcast it later (date tbc), and Andy who recorded the piece and the interview;
Sally, Richard, and all the teams at Making Music, Sound and Music and the PRS Foundation;
Roanne and all the JMCO committee, who signed up for #AdoptAComposer and got the project started;
Chester Zoo, for all their help promoting the concert;
the audience, who packed out Caldy Valley Church;
my family, for letting me get down there for the performance and providing a large chunk of the inspiration for the piece;
Annette Yarrow, who sculpted the little elephant “Janya” who started the whole thing;
and many many more.

Here are a few comments:
“It was fantastic and the group seemed to love performing it, it suited them so well and pushed them into new areas (loved the sound effects)”
“The piece by the young composer was absolutely brilliant and the orchestra played it beautifully! It seemed as if he composed it using the orchestra’s constellation eg strong brass section as a strength. I loved it”

We had a packed audience at Caldy Valley, who seemed to really enjoy the piece, and hopefully I’ll have some word about future performances soon…

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